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At AFF, we are committed to helping farmworkers have access to medical tests and treatments that they would not be able to afford otherwise. We offer a variety of ways for people to get involved. When you become a sponsor, you’ll be able to give a farmworker in need the gift of life-saving medical tests and services. We believe that every person should have access to these services, no matter their economic situation. Become a sponsor today and help us achieve our goal of providing medical services to those in need.

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Service Name 

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We also host regular screening events to assess families’ needs and coordinate donations. On average our screening events cost $600 but with the help of you guys we can make sure not a month goes by without us being able to host one. Together we can make a difference.

Donate Now!

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Regardless of the amount, your difference will make an impact in our cause and will go a long way in supporting the Agricultural community.  To donate click the button down below!

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