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Update: $5421 Raised and Top Fundraisers Revealed for Life-Changing Health Screening Initiative


We are excited to share some incredible news regarding our recent fundraising efforts! Through the generosity and support of our community, we have successfully raised a remarkable total of $5421. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and compassion of our donors and volunteers. Today, we want to recognize the outstanding contributions of our top fundraisers for this month: Hassan, Sameer, and Eddie. Their unwavering commitment and hard work have played a significant role in driving our mission forward.

Fundraising Success

The collective efforts of our community have led to outstanding fundraising success, resulting in a total amount raised of $5421. Every donation, no matter the size, has made a meaningful impact and has brought us one step closer to our goal of providing life-changing health screenings to agricultural workers in the surrounding areas of Bakersfield. We are deeply grateful to all our donors and supporters for their incredible generosity.

Top Fundraisers

We want to extend a special recognition to our top fundraisers who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to support our cause. Their passion and dedication have been instrumental in helping us achieve this milestone. Here are our top fundraisers for this month:

  1. Hassan: Hassan's outstanding commitment to our cause has been truly inspiring. His tireless efforts and unwavering determination have resulted in an impressive amount raised. We are immensely grateful for his dedication and the impact he has made on our initiative.

  2. Sameer: Sameer's exceptional fundraising skills and relentless advocacy have made a significant difference in our campaign. His ability to engage others and raise awareness about the importance of our mission has been remarkable. We thank Sameer for his invaluable contributions.

  3. Eddie: Eddie's dedication and hard work have made a substantial impact on our fundraising success. His passion for our cause and his ability to rally support from the community has been truly commendable. We express our sincere gratitude to Eddie for his remarkable efforts.


We are thrilled to announce that our recent fundraising efforts have resulted in a total amount raised of $5421. This accomplishment is a testament to the generosity and commitment of our community. We want to express our deepest gratitude to our top fundraisers, Hassan, Sameer, and Eddie, for their exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to our cause. Together, we are making progress toward our goal of providing life-changing health screenings to agricultural workers in the surrounding areas of Bakersfield. We invite everyone to join us on this meaningful journey and continue making a positive impact in the lives of those who need it most. Thank you for your incredible support!

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